Saturday, February 11, 2012

Resources: Software Carpentry

Audrey, at Hack Education, has a nice post up on Software Carpentry and paths forward.

Software Carpentry is not a site I'd seen before. I've been saying, my theme, has been that there are more low-level resources out there then people know. My claim is that the problem is higher up, linking students to what they in particular need at a particular time.

That said, I think Software Carpentry has a pretty good high-level structure. In fact, their game plan is very much like my own, in my sidebar. It might be a little less a roadmap, but it covers the same bases, and does have tutorials for each step along the way. My approach, you remember, was to teach the meta-skill to "google bash scripting" or whatever, rather than to try to write it or own it ...

Anyway, Software Carpentry looks to be a good solid resource.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Study Groups

Here's a neat report, via Adafruit Blog:

Every week at a kitchen table in Brooklyn, coders Amit Pitaru and David Nolen host a salon/workshop called Kitchen Table Coders, bringing together a small group of people to discuss and study one subject at a time.

The photo looks very Community ;-)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Alternate Paths: O'Reilly School

Their blurb is:

Earn Your IT Certificate in 2012

Only with online courses from the O'Reilly School of Technology can you master in-demand IT development skills by using programming to learn programming.

It looks pretty good with a wide range of courses.

The front page is here: O'Reilly School of Technology. Check it out. I think I might, actually, for a little refresh on technologies I haven't used in a while.