11. Learn PHP Basics

Step Eleven: Learn PHP Basics

This is another step where the title equals the Google search, "learn php basics."

Probably the biggest trick here is not to get swamped by big, complex, PHP projects. Leave guides that combine MySQL and PHP aside for now. Start with simple tutorials, and then invent simple problems for yourself. A Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter is always fun, and if you get really stuck, you can Google to see how other people did it. What else? You can probably think of a few things, and if not, run through the next "php tutorial" you find on the web.

This is your first real programmer's play time, so have fun with it. Learn to bite off a small problem, solve it, add a little more complexity, and so on, until you achive ... more than you thought you would. With time you'll have confidence that this bootstrapping works and gets you wherever you want to go.


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