7. Learn HTML Basics

Step Seven: Learn HTML Basics

This is another step where the title equals the Google search, "learn html basics."

Again, I'll give my introduction. We are building programming knowledge on a LAMP framework. The first few layers of that framework serve static web pages. These simple "text and link" pages form the core of the web, and are the foundation for active programming to come. An HTML grounding may seem like a diversion, but I expect this is something that will pervade programming for many years to come.

As the tutorials describe, HTML is markup language which works with tags insterted in text. You can make workable HTML pages with just a few tags: "html", "head", "title", "body", "h1", "h2", "p" and "a". If you learn just those you can get a start, and add more as you need them.

(The best thing at this point would be to take some small subject you are familiar with, and work up a set of pages describing it. Puzzling out a real set of "Surf Fishing" or "Korean Restaurant" pages will do far more for you than following someone else's examples.)

NOTE: Basic HTML makes pretty stark pages. To pretty them up you can "learn CSS" and run through a "CSS tutorial". You can do this anytime, now or later. CSS isn't necessary for web pages or web programs, it just makes them look better.

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