6. Install the Apache Web Server

Step Six: Install the Apache Web Server

Apache Is a venerble and robust web server. It's pretty amazing that it is such a commercial workhorse and at the same time available to us as an easy install.

No matter what version of Linux you are using, and what version is current, you should be able to find a tutorial for this step. Just Google "ubuntu 10.10 install apache" (or appropriate) and follow along. Adding the Linux distribution name and the version number to the search ensures compatible instructions.

As I mentioned above, UNIX is a "everything in its place" environment. The Apache install will put Apache, it's configuration files, and a default "index.html" in place. Your tutorial should describe the current choices for those places. In the version I'm running, web documents are placed in "/var/www" and owned by root. To edit those documents you'll need to sudo your editor, or change write permissions.

(If those last few sentences don't make sense, see step Step Four: Learn UNIX Basics.)

NOTE: If you want to go whole-hog you can look up an "install LAMP" page and get Apache, MySQL, and PHP in one go. That might save time. Then skip the separate "Install MySQL" and "Install PHP" steps below.

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