Thursday, December 29, 2011

Egoless Programming

As mentioned earlier, the odd name for these pages comes in part from the idea of Egoless Programming.  To help get the idea across, I'll throw out some suggestions:
  1. You are not your code.
  2. You discard your code for something better.
  3. You look for strengths in other people's solutions.
  4. When you criticize, it is "defects only," and not style points.
  5. You are ready for the next person in the door to have a great idea.
  6. You work with others to (re)combine ideas in pursuit of excellence.
I think these reminders work in parallel to whatever management hierarchy is in place.  In general, co-workers will respond in kind.  Now and then you get a guy stuck on his idea being best .. let him be, and of course try not to be that guy ;-)

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