Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hello World

I have been programming computers and have been on-line in various forms for the last 30 years.  I've watched on-line learning evolve.  Early programmers would fend for themselves, and share as they could.  Lately we've had break-out successes for more general audiences like Kahn Academy.

I find the evolution fascinating, and read sites like Hack Education with great interest.

There was one page at Hack Education that set me back though, it was this story on the state of learning for computer programming:

Codecademy and the Future of (Not) Learning to Code

Apparently, while there are many HOWOs and Tutorials on the web, students aren't finding a framework that puts them all together.  So, I took a couple days and typed one up.  It's there in the side-bar, in 12 (hard?) steps.  The first section describes my method:

0.  Learn Computer Programming

As I say, I offer just one approach, it may work for you.  Have fun.

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