Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ruby Wins?

There is an interesting developer survey out, by BestVendor (hat tip David Strom). They do offer some caveats:
Let’s be clear that our sample selection is not representative of all developers. We pulled this data from 500+ early users of BestVendor who are developers. All work for companies with fewer than 100 employees, and the vast majority work in the startup-tech world. The fact that they signed up for the BestVendor beta suggests that they’re early adopters.
That said, the results are very interesting, and the most-loved tools do make a pretty good to-learn list for students of software development.

My first instinct was to look for "development language," which isn't there, but "framework" is, and we can deduce from that some languages information:

28% Ruby on Rails
11% Django
9% .Net
6% CodeIgniter
5% Spring

The first, Ruby on Rails, is a clear winner for the Ruby language.  Django is a Python framework.  The .Net would be mostly C#.  CodeIgniter is a PHP framework.  Finally, Spring is java.

It's really pretty amazing that in this pool the "most popular" programming language comes out 5th.  Not to mention that PHP, the "first language" recommended in my sidebar, comes out 4th.

Hmmm.  My meta-suggestion is that programmers keep one eye on which languages and technologies they love, and the other eye on where the market is heading.

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